Walking Dead: What Lauren Cohan Thinks About Maggie's Pregnancy

The Walking Dead is in its sixth season on AMC, and the zombie apocalypse thriller has seen plenty of devastating moments over the years. One beacon of hope has been baby Judith, and the first half of Season 6 revealed that Judith may not be the only baby for long due to Maggie’s pregnancy. There are an awful lot of ways that The Walking Dead could play out the pregnancy, and actress Lauren Cohan is excited about the possibilities.

Since the apocalypse is the only life that they have I do think it’s a good idea. I think that they want to bring life into this world and in Season 3, Maggie says to Glenn, ‘We’re not, but if we would’ve been it’s ok, you can’t live your life in fear.’ You can’t avoid having the full experience that your body allows you to have because of these zombies, bascically. So yeah, I’m really excited for Maggie and Glenn to have a baby Magglenn.

Cohan’s chat with Celebuzz gives some interesting insight into one of the biggest twists of the first half of the sixth season. Considering that the last time that Maggie encountered an actual pregnancy in the zombie apocalypse was when she was slicing Lori open with a dirty zombie-killing knife to pull a baby out of her, Maggie’s belief that she and Glenn shouldn’t give up on children just because the world ended is a testament to her strength of character.

It’s hopeful that Lauren Cohan is so upbeat about Maggie’s pregnancy. Assuming that Maggie does not suffer an early miscarriage, Cohan will undoubtedly be running around with pregnancy pads under her clothes. Even Lori’s pregnancy, which mostly unfolded over hiatus, forced Sarah Wayne Callies into a false belly for a few episodes of Season 3.

Lauren Cohan is probably hoping that the similarities between Maggie’s pregnancy arc and Lori’s don’t extend much further than wardrobe. Lori was never the most popular character on The Walking Dead, but her death was definitely one of the most tragic, and this show sure does love its tragedies. After Glenn’s near-death in the first half of Season 6, Maggie coming to an untimely end due to pregnancy could definitely land them a top spot on the list of heartbreaking plot twists. Still, it would be some karmic comeuppance for all of the unprotected sex they’ve been having at inopportune moments.

Of course, there’s a chance that Maggie’s pregnancy will unfold as well as any zombie apocalypse pregnancy possibly could. Who knows? The Walking Dead shows no signs of stopping, and baby Judith can’t be the only baby forever. If any woman is fit to survive a zombie apocalypse pregnancy, Maggie may be the one.

The Walking Dead returns from its winter hiatus for the second half of Season 6 on February 14 on AMC. For a look at when all of your other favorite shows will be hitting the airwaves in 2016, check out our schedule of midseason TV premiere dates

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