The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Ready For Hate Mail As Negan

We are just one day away from the season finale of The Walking Dead and fans of the apocalyptic AMC drama are already feeling anxiety. In addition to worrying about which member(s) of our group will be meeting their maker, the finale also brings the long awaited entrance of one of the comic book’s most nefarious villains: Negan. We’ve been anticipating this moment since Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s casting was announced and now it appears the actor is ready for the role, including all the hate he’s going to get from fans.

I am excited and I am ready. I really I can't wait to kind of step into those shoes, and hold that bat, and do my thing. I am looking forward to it. I am fully prepped for hate mail and everything else. So bring it.

This statement, which comes to us from ET, is a very Negan-esque line if I’ve ever heard one. So maybe Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a method actor and will be taking on the traits of his murderous character.

As far as hate mail goes, it does seem likely that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan is going to piss some fans off tomorrow. The minute footage we’ve seen of Negan has included his introduction and a big old shot of his weapon of choice: Lucille. In the comic books, Negan uses his barbed wire wrapped baseball bat to shockingly take the life of one of the core survivors. Since Lucille was focused on so much in the finale’s trailer, it’s safe to say that someone is going to be meeting their maker during tomorrow’s episode.

But now the question is: who is going to die tomorrow? Personally, I’ve been predicting Abraham’s untimely death for a while now. He seems like a large enough character that it would be a devastating loss, but also not one of the characters who the fandom would riot over (Daryl, Carol, Maggie). They’ve been fleshing his former lover Rosita out in the last two episodes, and it would be great to see her and Sasha quarrel after Abraham’s death. Plus this would be the latest in Sasha’s line of loved ones who she has to see killed by the zombie apocalypse. 

Of course, things are a bit more complicated after last week’s episode, with Carol’s fate looking shaky now that she’s by herself and being chased by a Savior. This made comic fans begin to fear that she will be dying the way her comic book counterpart did. Additionally, we were left off with a huge cliffhanger when Dwight got the jump on Daryl and shot him as the camera cut to black. Sure, Dwight told Daryl he’d be “alright”, but who knows if that assessment is correct.

Only time will tell who walks (pun intended) away and who will be killed in tomorrow’s finale episode. But one thing is clear: Negan is here and he’s going to be awesome.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC. 

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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