Is it too soon to start looking forward to The Walking Dead's return? I doubt it. Though we still have months to wait for the fourth season to air on AMC, the series has resumed production and with that, we get our first look at Season 4, which reveals Rick Grimes looking a bit grimy and concerned, with his brow furrowed. Either he doesn't know there's a walker behind him, or his concern is focused elsewhere.

I'm assuming the woman behind him is a walker, and with her long, dark hair, she looks almost like she could be Lori… if Lori were a walker, which she isn't. So, what has Rick's attention? We can only speculate.

AMC says The Walking Dead began production in Atlanta, GA on May 6. This is hopefully the first of numerous glimpses of the series' return that we'll see as we count down the months until fall when the series resumes.

As for what we do know about TWD Season 4 - (Vague spoilers, mainly for those who might not be caught up through Season 3!) - Scott Gimple has taken over as showrunner due to Glen Mazzara's exit. And in addition to the remaining lead characters set to return, David Morrissey, the now de-throned "Governor" will return as a series regular. Also upped to regulars are Chad L. Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green and Emily Kinney. Kinney plays Herschel's daughter and Maggie's sister Beth in the series, while newcomers Martin-Green and Coleman were introduced last season, playing Sasha and Tyreese. It'll be great to get to know those two better and see how they fit into the story going forward.

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