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The Walking Dead's latest teaser may only be ten seconds long, but it's ten seconds of creepiness and terror to remind us that the zombie drama is poised to return for its anticipated fifth season in a matter of months.

Following up on the trailer that debuted at Comic-Con last month, the new 10-second spot reminds us of the danger that awaits Rick and his people outside that railroad car. The Walking Dead teaser aims for horror, with creepy people in gas masks boarding the train car...

gas masks

And the groggy view of a figure hunched over a table where someone's body (living or dead?) appears to be laying...


And then there's the creepy sight of the shadows coming from under the door...


That in itself is unsettling, but factor in the agonized screaming that we hear behind that sight and it's amped up to full-scale horror. Something bad is happening to someone.

While we're still months away from The Walking Dead Season 5's October 12 premiere date, we have heard some updates about the new season, including the promise of more violence, decayed zombies and moments from the comics. Most recently, Robert Kirkman went on record about Daryl's sexuality. But in that case, it sounds like we may not hear the back-story to explain that situation anytime soon.

We also know that the first six minutes of Season 5 will be brutal. So there's that to look forward to, I suppose.

Check out the previously released Walking Dead Season 5 trailer after the jump...

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