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This Walking Dead Trailer Teases The Group's Next Deadly Direction

If you just finished watching tonight's midseason finale of The Walking Dead, which hopefully wasn't spoiled for you by AMC, then there's probably nothing you want to know more than what'll happen next for Rick, Daryl and the crew when the zombie drama returns in February. Luckily. all of that stuff has already been filmed and the trailer for the rest of the season is already here and teasing a new, possibly more permanent situation for this crew. Check it out!

The beginning of the trailer features Michonne talking about a certain location being 100 miles away, questioning if it's somewhere that the group can be safe, and it's said right as some pretty sturdy doors are being opened, letting a slew of walkers in or out. Skip to the paragraph after the picture if you don't want to read any speculation based on the comic books.

Readers of Robert Kirkman's comics almost have to take this to mean that the group may soon be running into another new character who tells them of a nearby haven, the Alexandria Safe-Zone. This is where Rick & Co. actually find something resembling civilization again, which is of course threatened by the almighty Negan, the rat bastard we've been yammering about for a while. That heinous villain may still take a while to get here, but Alexandria (or whatever the series' substitution is called) is the most obvious destination for the group to head to next, though they'll still have other troubles to face before they find it. Like whatever did this. (It's probably walkers.)

the walking dead

The trailer shows the group walking for a while - during which Rick looks like he's just letting that baby hang however she wants - but there are cars again later on. We see Maggie mourning from a car interior's P.O.V., there's that one shadowy figure inside a car, and Rick looks mighty threatening in that parking lot. Were there any new humans in any of those vehicles? And how did they get into THIS situation?

the walking deadl

And speaking of mourning, it looks like Daryl is going to be wanting a bit of alone time whenever everyone is out of harm's way. He's got a lot on his mind, having just spent a long while looking for Beth, only to see her shot when he finally finds her again. (A very similar thing happened with Carol's daughter, though in far different circumstances.) Is Daryl ever going to just snap?

the walking dead

If you want to know where the zombies can be seen again, just follow Father Gabriel around until February 8, when The Walking Dead will return to AMC to finish out Season 5's remaining eight episodes.

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