The Walking Dead: Where's Beth And What's Going On With Her And Daryl?

Since the second half of the fourth season of The Walking Dead aired, when it comes to Beth, many fans have wanted to know two things: Where is Beth and what's the deal with her and Daryl? Within a matter of weeks, we'll hopefully have a definitive answer to at least one of those questions. In the meantime, recent interviews have offered some interesting tidbits on the subject of the younger Greene daughter.

Spoilers if you aren't caught up on The Walking Dead through Season 4!

Is there something brewing between Daryl and Beth? That's certainly up for debate among fans. While some thought they saw sparks between Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus' characters, others would prefer to see Daryl with Carol, who may be a bit more age appropriate for him. And then there's all of the talk about Daryl's unspecified sexuality. Where does Emily Kinney stand on Daryl and Beth's relationship? EW caught up with Kinney and she addressed the subject, admitting that there is a growing connection between Beth and Daryl:

“I would say last season what you saw, there’s definitely a connection, and a connection that’s growing. And they care about each other a lot, and so there’s definitely something really special there.”

That's not exactly confirmation that there's something romantic brewing there, but she does note the positivity in their relationship, which is along the lines of what Norman Reedus told us at Comic-Con, describing Beth as the light at the end of the tunnel for Daryl, and that if Daryl did feel anything romantic for Beth, he probably didn't understand those feelings. "He might have felt them," Reedus elaborated. "but it wasn't a thing."

There's been talk about whether or not Daryl might be gay, and from what The Walking Dead's showrunner Scott Gimple and executive producer Robert Kirkman have said, it doesn't sound like they're in a rush to clarify that situation, which may be an indication that romance in general, whether it be with Beth, Carol or some other character on the series, may not be in the cards for Daryl anytime soon.

As for Beth, the fourth season left off with her whereabouts unknown, as she was last seen presumably being hauled off in the trunk of a car after being separated from Daryl. EW recently spoke with Scott Gimple about The Walking Dead, and Beth was among the topics they discussed. Gimple confirmed that Beth is alive, for sure. That much was confirmed in the trailer for Season 5. But where exactly is she, and is she there against her will? Here's what Gimple said on the matter.

I’m just gonna shift into viewer mode. If she’s there voluntarily, it does not look like it’s fun. It doesn’t look like she’s having a good time. But in this world, we’re doing alright. People in that world don’t have a lot of choice. So it could be voluntary, but really, what is voluntary when the choice you have could be just going out in the world by yourself?

Did anyone else just assume Beth was being held somewhere against her will? Given her abrupt exit, that seemed to be the logical conclusion, right? But perhaps there's more to it than that. Maybe it's less a matter of her being wherever she is against her will as it is that wherever she is, she's separated from her people and has no way of getting back to them. Maybe she's not captive, she's just stuck? It seems like Gimple might be hinting at such a scenario, but we'll have to wait and see.

The Walking Dead returns for Season 5 on October 12.

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