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Watch The Archer Squad Reteam For This Awesome Season 6 Trailer

Anytime we’re only a couple of months away from new Archer episodes, celebrations are in order. And there’s no better way to shake your groove thang than by watching the badass first teaser trailer for Season 6 below.

Season 5 saw Sterling Archer and his gang of misfits head outside of their clandestine spy organization comfort zone for a trip into the coke-dealing underworld subtitled Vice. But now they’re headed back to ISIS Some Other Name to reassert themselves into the world of espionage and genitalia references. And it looks like they were all having a pretty good time before Mallory Archer started calling them back to work.

While Lana is at home taking care of the baby she birthed with Archer’s frozen sperm, he’s out in full Miami Vice attire (with completely unkempt hair) zipping around in a speedboat with two scantily clad females. (They don’t make it.) Meanwhile, Dr. Krieger is surprisingly not having sexual relations with anything that’s part-hologram, and is instead getting down on the drums. Ray is skiing (and not in a wheelchair), Cheryl is blowing up the remains of her country music career, and Cyril is pretending as if he’s a decorated military man. And Pam is, go figure, trying to win a championship belt in a hot dog eating contest. I guess she’s kicked that coke habit the best way she knows how. I love Pam.


The fact that it’s all played to the tune of Ram Jam’s “Black Betty” is awesome. Not only because it finally gets “Danger Zone” out of my head as the first song Archer brings to mind, but it also opens up the door for “bam ba lam” to enter the show’s in-joke lexicon. All I have right now is a lamb that says “la bamba,” but I’m sure show creator Adam Reed can come up with something better.

Not a lot of details are known about Season 6 just yet, but we do know that they’re removing all instances of the name “ISIS” from the show, given the current state of world news. The central characters will all play into raising Lana’s baby while Archer deals with fatherhood, and Fargo’s Allison Tolman will be guest-starring as Pam’s sister Edie. Plus, Cyborg Barry is supposed to return at some point!

Season 6 of Archer is set to kick off in January 2015. Your hot dogs and booze are not safe.

Nick Venable

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