Watch The Big Bang Theory Cast Hilariously Sing Karaoke To Celebrate Bernadette's Big News

Musical spoilers for tonight’s The Big Bang Theory are below.

On last week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, audiences got a huge shock when Bernadette and Howard found a rabbit in their hot tub…wait, that wasn’t the shock. It was when Bernadette confessed to said rabbit that she’s pregnant. Such a huge development obviously warranted something over-the-top from these characters, and they celebrated as a group by going all out with some baby-themed karaoke. Check it out!

It seems like it would be obvious to start at the beginning here, but really, it’s hard to look past a drunken Sheldon putting his hand on his heart and warbling out the non-baby anthem “America” in a voice that sounded like a bad impression of someone else doing a decent impression of John F. Kennedy. But just because he doesn’t have the social know-how to grasp that our nation’s jams don’t make for ideal bar music doesn’t mean that he isn’t still smarter than all the other guys. Back to the actual celebrating.

You can’t go wrong with Penny and Amy getting their Justin Bieber juices flowing for “Baby,” and this actually was the best performance of the bunch as far as legit quality goes. I’m not saying they should put out an album, but I’m saying a bunch of people would buy it if they did. Leonard and Raj probably aren’t the worst Salt n Pepa impersonators during their rendition of “Push It,” but they certainly wouldn’t take home any Grammys.

Howard is allowed to shine in serenading his lady and mother-to-be Bernie, first showing off his dance skills in taking on The Four Tops with “Baby I Need Your Loving,” and doing a…job with it. And then, for whatever reason, he brings out Paul Anka’s “Having My Baby” to close it out. I mean, I know why it was chosen, given the title, but that song is even worse than a Bieber hit. And I’ll stand by that.

Sadly, my favorite of the performances was cut from this video. Before Bernadette became the subject of everyone’s vocal efforts, Leonard and Raj took the stage for a smashing performance of Young MC’s “Bust a Move.” It appears these guys’ hip-hop tastes never left the 1980s. That’s not such a terrible thing, I guess.

Below you can check out how Howard initially reacted to the news earlier in the episode.

So how long is it going to be before Sheldon and Amy get married and have sex for the purpose of conceiving? Next season, or maybe in a post-finale series of comic books? While we wait on that, we’ll continue belting out the hits until The Big Bang Theory airs again next Thursday on CBS.

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