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And thus ends the Twin Twist of Big Brother 17. But that's barely a spoiler, if you're caught up on Big Brother through last night's Veto episode, which saw Austin remove himself from the block and Julia set as the replacement nominee. The only question was, which twin would be sent out the door? And that's where we get into spoiler territory, so if you haven't seen this week's live episode, read on at your own risk!
Who Won Head of Household?
Live Feed spoiler alert! If you want the results, jump to Page 2.

I was hoping we might get an Austwin's family segment out of tonight's episode. With both twins on the block, the timing seemed perfect for their parents to weigh in on what's been going on in the house, and for Austin's family to comment as well. Instead, we got a jury segment, which was pretty bland. No tension and not much bitterness out of these evictees. James snuck in one more scare though when he arrived by sneaking up on the girls.

The episode also featured messages from home to the remaining houseguests. I actually kind of love that segment, as it makes everyone all emotional. But nothing will top the "Holla, daddy," Derrick got last season. I kind of wish they'd done a holla-like twist this year, but the twists dried up a long time ago.

The post-Veto footage teased the prospect of Liz going home, which was the assumed plan after Julia went up on the block. And then the twins did the math and realized if Julia stays and actually makes it to the end, she has less chance of winning the grand prize than Liz. Deciding to go for broke, they told Vanessa they wanted Liz to stay.

Why did Vanessa agree with this plan? Honestly, I was kind of hoping she'd turn at the last minute, secure the second vote with Johnny Mack and send Liz out. It would've been more interesting, and it would've ended the Austin/Liz portion of this summer's drama. Feeds-wise, that's offering nothing to the entertainment of this season.

It's as much a gamble for Vanessa as it is for the twins, but for a different reason. If she left Julia in the house, she'd be taking a shot at Austin, who might decide she's no longer his ally. Austin doesn't trust Vanessa much, but I doubt he sees her as a bigger direct threat to his game than Johnny Mac or Steve right now. In the end, the two guys are far less likely to take him further than Vanessa would... unless Vanessa proves she's trying to weaken his game by sending Liz out agaisnt the twins' wishes.

Vanessa agreed to send out Julia under a bunch of conditions that Liz flat-out said in the diary room she had no intention of keeping. Did Vanessa buy their half-hearted agreement and dubious looks? Does this deal even matter? At the very least, Vanessa can make a fuss over it if they break the deal, and that's worth something, particularly by the way she's played this game. She needs a reason to target people. If they break this deal, and she survives it, they've handed her an excuse to turn on them.

Julia was evicted 3-0 and sent out the door with what sounded like a practiced response to Julie about why they decided for Liz to stay. Rehearsed or not, I like that the twins made a choice that would go for the grand prize, rather than doing what was probably safer. Whether or not they benefit from that remains to be seen, but points for effort. And farewell Twin-twist. Impressive that they lasted so long.

The Head of Household competition was a spruced up version of the chickenwire/egg comp, where houseguests have to transfer one egg at a time through a stretch of chickenwire to a targeted area. In this case, the wire was stretched in the shape of a rainbow. We'll get to spoilers about that on the next page. In the meantime, the Houseguests are in for way more evictions, as we're down to the wire (chicken noise). There will be two evictions next week, bringing the houseguests from five to three, and the week after that is the Big Brother finale.

Head of Household competition spoilers on the next page!

When the live episode ended, it was looking like Austin had the lead in the game, but Vanessa soon caught up and began to overtake him. Vanessa started to move ahead in the competition and maintained the lead all the way. I wondered if she might throw it to Johnny Mac, who was trailing behind her, but in the end, she went for the win and got it. Vanessa is the next Head of Household and secures her spot in the Final Four.

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