Watch Bryan Cranston Walk Around In A Walter White Mask At Comic-Con

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston made a splash at Comic-Con earlier this month when he revealed at the panel that he walked the floor wearing a Walter White mask. The topic came up during Late Show with David Letterman when Cranston sat down to be interviewed on the late night talk show last night. The video above not only shows Cranston explaining to Letterman why he put the mask on, but also gives us some footage of Cranston walking the floor as Walter White. One observer actually notes how hilarious it would be if it were really Cranston in that mask. Anywhere else, the likelihood of that would probably have been slim to none, but lightning tends to strike at Comic-Con, where anything is possible.

Had Cranston walked the floor as himself, it's likely he would've been spotted sooner or later and eventually flooded by Breaking Bad fans and enthusiastic Heisenberg supporters. Due to the high volume of people in attendance at the annual San Diego-set convention, autograph signings and photo-opps need to be planned out in advance. A face as familiar as Cranston's might draw the kind of crowd that would warrant security interference. But it's easy to understand the appeal of getting to walk through the crowded convention center floor, enjoying the people, costumes and booths just as any other attendee might. Dressed in costume, Cranston stood a much better chance at anonymity, but going as Heisenberg in a mask that's creepily realistic was a stroke of genius, and it's paid off in laughs. Sure, he was approached by people who wanted a photo, as anyone else in costume might, but most people don't seem to be bothering him.

If you haven't seen it yet, watch the panel video below. Cranston walks out onto the stage wearing the mask. He and moderator Chris Hardwick discuss the mask within the first few minutes…

As intense and superb as Cranston's performance is as Walter White, I love the constant reminders of just how funny he is. I remember watching the first season of Breaking Bad when it aired and not even recognizing Cranston as the dad from Malcolm in the Middle. Lest we ever forget Cranston's funnier side, he pulls a hilarious mask gag at Comic-Con to remind us. And then there are moments like these from his sitcom days…

Kelly West
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