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Most people don’t decide to attend a hockey game after their nuptials, but these Minnesota fans made the Wild vs. Stars game a priority, attending a recent game in their actual wedding gear. On her big day, the wedding-dress clad girl in the video decided she wanted to chow down on a juicy burger—because why not?—and gets caught on camera while eating. The video’s gone viral thanks to a cute moment near the end. You can check it out, below.

Basically, you’re pretty ballsy if you are going to wear a fancy, expensive and ballooning white dress to a game and then consume a burger while wearing it. Kudos to this chick, as she’s way cooler than I ever was in a wedding dress. This video is great, though, not just because the bride is wearing a wedding dress. It’s also special because at one point she nearly spills burger juice all over herself. It’s dripping all over her chin and she manages to alert her groom just in the nick of time. He helps her out and they share an adorable moment together. It’s so cute, we went ahead a memorialized it in a gif.


The bride, whose name is Erica Skuta and her partner Lewis Blake spoke out to the Star Tribune after the video went viral, noting the response has “been insane.” It’s one of the better sports TV moments we’ve ever personally been able to witness, and we’re super happy the cool couple got to finish off their wedding day in such a memorable way. Even without the cute moment, it would have been pretty fabulous.

Cute moments get caught by the jumbotron and camera (and in extension our televisions) all the time. Actor Tom Hanks was notably caught on the kiss cam with his wife Rita Wilson at a Los Angeles Kings vs. Anaheim Ducks game just a few short years ago. Plus, there have been numerous proposals and more made on the jumbotron over the years. And that’s not even counting all of the times the players have video-bombed interviews and more on the court/rink/field during live TV airings.

There are plenty of viral TV moments that happen throughout the year, but if this one is the last big viral sports-ish moment we get in 2015, at least we know the year is ending on a high note.