Watch David Letterman Staffers Offer Top 10 Reasons They'll Miss The Late Show

Well, we’re just two episodes away from bidding farewell to David Letterman forever – at least as the Late Show host, as he’s not dying or being exiled or anything – and to contrast all of the celebrity tributes that have peppered the past handful of episodes, Letterman decided to let the Late Show crew in on the fun by giving them their own Top Ten list: Top Ten Things I’ll Miss About Working at The Late Show. Check it out!

It just wouldn’t be a Top Ten list if things were completely sincere and honored the show in a straightforward way. And so they brought out the jokes, with such esteemed vets as executive producer Barbara Gaines, writer Steve Young, costume designer Sue Hum and many more. The most recognizable one, of course, is CBS Orchestra leader and Late Show musical director Paul Schaffer, who was with Letterman for his entire late night career. I expect Schaffer to have some kind of a spoof reality show following Letterman’s retirement, where he tries to find other jobs.

As for the list, I love the Twitter joke-stealing item, the doubled-up high heel gag, and of course the inseam joke. All in all, these could have hit harder, but really, how do you get better than the alibi-needing Alan Kalter and the headphone-wearing Biff Henderson?


Letterman may only have one Top Ten list left in him, as the entire final episode is up in the air, with no guests or any other announcements coming out for it. So it presumably won’t be a normal episode, with a monologue and amusing segments, but will hopefully still be a great time. His last guests for the penultimate episode will be Bill Murray, who was his very first guest back in 1993, and musical guest Bob Dylan, who also appeared on the show back in its first season.

It’s hard to imagine that either of those two guys will bring the kind of emotion that comedian and Late Show regular Norm Macdonald brought to the stage on Friday night, when he delivered an amusing set followed by a tear-filled shout out to Letterman’s career. Check it out below.

If only Letterman would clue audiences in on who his top ten guests were. Although I guess these past couple of weeks were evidence enough. I don’t want to say goodbye!

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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