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Watch This Epic Splits Fail On Live TV

Usually celebrity appearances on talk shows are uneventful, but every once and a while a celebrity will do something wild on a talk show that doesn’t involve actual conversation. Recently, Italian actress Lisa Fusco attempted to show off her amazing flexibility by doing the splits on a live TV show, but the attempt failed wildly, leading us to believe she should probably stick to acting. You can check out the painful-looking splits attempt, below.

This video’s really short and gets to the horrifying splits fail rather quickly. This week, while on the show MezzoGiornio Italiano, Fusco does a quick jump after which she attempts to land in the splits. Apparently, she’s pretty adept at the gymnastics move, but in this dress and high heels, it didn’t work quite so well. The actress lands in a position that could not have been comfortable, and decidedly was not the splits, as well. The host takes it about as well as I did when I saw the splits, at one point covering her mouth in disbelief. To their credit, they also come to the celebrity’s aide as she writhes on the floor, struggling with a position her body is clearly uncomfortable with.


This goes on for nearly a minute. Eventually the hosts come around and try and wrap the segment up, but Fusco never is able to get up off of the ground as the camera is rolling. I’m really hoping she’s not seriously injured, although you have to wonder why she decided the splits were the best idea in the middle of a food segment, anyway… the things people will attempt when a camera is trained on them never cease to blow my mind. To Fusco’s credit, weirder things have certainly happened on television before.

Apparently, however, this is a parlor trick she’s known for and has accomplished on live television in the (recent) past.

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Of course, accidents do happen, and this time she didn’t stick the landing quite so well. Our thoughts go out to the actress as she recovers and to her fans, as well. You probably won’t see Fusco attempting any more splits on live TV anytime soon.

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