Watch Chris Evans Surprise And Terrify Scarlett Johansson On Ellen

When it comes to playing lighthearted pranks, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who enjoys it more than Ellen DeGeneres. For instance, she had actress Scarlett Johansson on her morning show earlier today, and saw nothing wrong in using Johansson’s Avengers co-star Chris Evans as a bearded scare tactic. Check out the hair-raising clip below.

If there’s anywhere you don’t quite expect someone to sneak up behind you and scream, it’s probably on the set of a talk show where conversations generally go uninterrupted. Let’s all be thankful that Johansson wasn’t holding a steaming cup of coffee or tea when this happened, or her biggest superpower would have been “screaming for two reasons.”

It’s kind of odd that she just got frightened but didn’t immediately turn around to see who it was. Maybe she just inherently understood that’s why the conversation was Evans-centric at the moment, or maybe Evans just walked around the Avengers: Age of Ultron set hollering like that on a daily basis, so she recognized it right away. I like to think that someone in the audience always brings a “Chris Evans is Right Behind You” sign everywhere that he or she goes, and that this was the one time it actually ended up coming true.

Good timing on this joke, though, as it was planned for go-ahead even before Johansson got to poke fun at her male co-stars by implying that they’re all a little primadonna-ish when having to get ready on the set. Take that, Jeremy Renner! Or don’t. Whatever.

The big screen’s Black Widow and Captain America then sat down together on Ellen for a rousing game of “Avenger? I Hardly Know Her,” where the two frequent co-stars answered true and false questions about one another. (They were in three Marvel movies together, as well as The Perfect Score and The Nanny Diaries.) It’s a pretty good time that involves quite a bit of Evans’ bare torso. Check out how well they know each other below.

I gotta get the home version of that game. Everyone is going to see a whole lot of Evans and Johansson this weekend, as Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters all over the country tonight. It’s predicted to get a $200 million-plus debut in the U.S., a number most heroic.

Nick Venable
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