Watch Ford's Dragon Ball Z Commercial, It's Even Weirder Than You'd Guess

We’ve seen a lot of wacky commercials happen in our time, but we’ve never seen a car company use an anime series to sell one of its models, at least not until this week. Recently, Ford revealed the latest commercial for its famous Ford Focus model and it features none other than Dragon Ball Z’s Gohan and Krillin talking about the pros and cons of the model.

Seriously, I just have to imagine that advertising pitch over at Ford’s headquarters. I’m not certain which genius decided that the average Ford purchaser had some innate love or nostalgia for Dragon Ball Z, but it’s honestly not the worst idea I’ve ever heard. I know I’m not the only one who watched a lot of Toonami when I was a kid, and a lot of people growing up in the late nineties have to be purchasing new cars, right? Plus there are the video games in the franchise to consider. (Clearly I’m not the person that should be given the reigns on an advertising pitch.)

If you haven’t watched the commercial already, you really should hop on this train. It’s a super strange pitch from Ford, but it’s certainly getting us talking. Krillin and Gohan get three wishes from Porunga, who doesn’t seem too pleased about acquiescing to their requests. Since this is a Ford ad, of course they are going to wish for a car with “a great audio system from Sony.” For their second wish, they want another Ford Focus, but this time they want one with a rear camera. For their third wish, they obviously also want yet another car with excellent gas mileage. I have no idea why you’d want a vehicle when you can fly, but the commercial even addresses that they need the cars "in case" they have to search for Dragon Balls again. Way to cover your bases, Ford.

This is such a far cry from the normal ads we get from Ford, but it does sort of strike a similar vein to the flux capacitor ad the company out out earlier this year. Fords are new and improved! And they are totally in tune with the pop culture focus many American are on board with. Flux capacitors. Rick Astley! Keep 'em coming, Ford.

I still can’t imagine Ford using Dragon Ball Z to sell a Mustang or an F-150 pickup, but for the Focus it kind-of suits. It’s not enough to get me jazzed about buying the vehicle, but I’ll certainly remember this holiday commercial for some time to come. And it’s way better than the huge tearjerkers that John Lewis and that German grocer Edeka put out this year.

We’re not sure it tops that weirdo wine store Oddbins ad though.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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