Watch Hillary Clinton's Amusing Attempt To Whip And Nae Nae On Ellen

From weddings to bars, Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" has been everywhere this summer. Apparently, even talk shows aren’t immune to the catchy song. This week, Hillary Clinton headed to The Ellen Show, where she was taught to do the whip and the nae nae by Ellen DeGeneres and frequent contributor tWitch (Stephen Boss). You can check out the clip of the politician attempting the dance moves, below.

Hillary Clinton is pretty agile, although I suppose the “Watch Me” dance is not complex or anything. Still, it’s pretty clear while watching the former first lady get directions from tWitch that she doesn’t have a lot of experience with either the whip or the nae nae. It’s pretty amusing to watch her attempt to get the moves right (although I’m pretty sure that when I’m out on the dance floor, I probably look just as awkward). Plus, it doesn’t really matter how you look when dancing; all that matters is whether or not you are having fun, and Clinton, DeGeneres and the DJ all look to be having a blast during the clip, which was shot during a commercial break.

There’s been a lot of whipping and nae nae-ing on TV this week. Earlier this week, Jimmy Fallon also did a “Lip Sync Battle” where he did the popular dance, complete with the “superman” and “stanky leg,” as well. (Oddly enough, that battle was also against Ellen DeGeneres; she ended up winning). You can catch the whole clip, here, or just check out this sweet gif of that talk show host doing the dance, below.


Fallon actually went all-out for his performance, so he was a little more finessed than Hillary Clinton, although it’s still pretty cool that the politician was game to give the dance a shot.

Ellen is always up to weird shenanigans on her talk show, whether that be pulling pranks or getting celebrities to attempt song or dance moves. While DeGeneres and Clinton also talked politics for a good chunk of the segment, it’s kind of nice to see the politician in a goofier mood, too.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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