Watch Jimmy Fallon Dominate Adele At Box Of Lies

“Box of Lies” is a game that is oft played on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, but we’ve never seen one that is as sneaky as this game between Adele and Jimmy Fallon. The two get up to quite a few shenanigans as they cleverly attempt to lie to one another in the early rounds, but ultimately Fallon proves he’s pretty masterful at the game. You can check it out, below.

Early on in the video, Adele talks about how she’s always wanted to play “Box of Lies,” that or do a “Lip Sync Battle” with the popular NBC late night host. After watching her play, we think she probably would have been a better fit for the latter Tonight Show segment, but I do appreciate how sneaky Adele is. In the first round, the “Hello” singer tells Fallon she pulled a dinosaur out of her box—which is true—but then lies and says that the dinosaur is wearing a fairy costume. In reality, the dinosaur is actually wearing a cowboy costume. It’s like Rex wearing Woody’s clothes. Adele almost gets away with it, but she ruins the moment by laughing, leading Fallon to take the lead.

As the game progresses, Fallon is also caught in a lie. The next time around, Adele tells the truth and is caught by Fallon, after she says she sees a giraffe wearing donuts around its neck. The big mistake, here, is that she properly describes the donuts, which I feel is a level of detail that would be hard to make up on the spot.


“Box of Lies” is a pretty fun game, and I feel like Fallon chose that one because Adele would have destroyed him at “Lip Sync Battle.” The late night host does note there’s always next time, so hopefully Adele will be back sooner rather than later. No ballads though. I want to see her tackle like a Roots song or something equally oddball.

As far as Adele being sneaky at this game goes, we probably should have seen it coming. The popular singer is frequently up to shenanigans and recently even donned a prosthetic nose to pretend to be an Adele impersonator and sing at a local audition along with other Adele impersonators. It's generally hard to trick your fans, but she crushes it.

Fallon’s frequently up to games like these, so he obviously has an advantage in games like “Box of Lies” that the other celebrities don’t have. Still, we love it when Fallon is able to put one over on big names. He’s nearly always gleeful about winning and is never mean-spirited, making the games a pretty good time for all.

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Jessica Rawden
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