Watch Jimmy Fallon And Michelle Obama Get Goofy In Evolution Of Mom Dancing Part 2

First Lady Michelle Obama is still tirelessly working on her “Let’s Move,” campaign, and this week she headed back to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to teach the audience some groovy moves. You can check out Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon in “The Evolution of Mom Dancing, Part 2,” below.

While I personally wish Michelle Obama would get back to potato sack races with Jimmy Fallon, I still like these dance moves sketches, especially considering the cute pink sweater sets that Fallon and FLOTUS don in order to show us how various shaking and shimmying moves are accomplished. I particularly enjoyed several of the dances, including “Getting A Bag From Your Collection Of Bags Beneath The Sink,” the “This ‘Ol Thing, I Got It At Talbots,” and the “Oh My God, I Didn’t Know You Were Coming Here,” which features Fallon and Obama faux squeeling like young girls.


Let’s take a second to marvel at a world that let’s the prim and proper First Lady cut loose in support of healthy eating. Her “Let’s Move” campaign has worked to get kids active and get healthier food in lunchrooms, but it means we’ve also seen Michelle Obama get up to other shenanigans with Fallon, as well as hang out with Big Bird in grocery stores.

Of course, her late night appearances are less prominent than her husband’s, but in a way that’s more appealing. She’s free to be a bit goofier, and often have a lot more fun. That doesn’t mean President Obama has been immune to funny talk show bits, however. He recently popped up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to read mean tweets. Plus, before Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report ended its run, President Obama popped up to do the opening monologue, reading the words exactly as they were written for Stephen Colbert. It’s pretty amusing stuff.

If you liked Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon’s “Evolution of Mom Dancing Part 2” segment, be sure to catch the original “Evolution of Mom Dancing, below.”

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Jessica Rawden
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