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One should never underestimate the power of the imagination, for it can literally do anything. Take, for instance, the people on the street that show up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for the segment ”Lie Witness News.” Jimmy Kimmel’s most recent outing had people fooled into talking about the Dancing with the Stars performance from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who as you might imagine was not a contestant on that or any other reality series. Check it out.

Tuesday night was the Season 20 finale of Dancing with the Stars, so it’s perfectly plausible that the show could have had some other famous faces popping up to celebrate, as The Voice finale did with its massive musical lineup. But DWTS didn’t have any infamous faces on there, as bringing Kim Jong-un to American television would have arguably been a more newsworthy item than anything else that’s ever happened on the flashy reality series. But the obviousness of that is completely lost on everyone that Kimmel talks to.

For what it’s worth, Jong-un shouldn’t worry too much about running into flak from people if he ever decided to bring some fancy footwork to ABC. Everyone here seemed to love everything he did – or “she” did, according to that one person who clearly had no idea who Kim Jong-un is. In fact, only the guy in the glasses seems to be fully aware of the world leader’s identity, going so far as to quote The Interview, a movie that he seemed to think the actual Kim Jong-un starred in.

Still, it doesn’t get better than watching people heap bullshit on top of bullshit, like that one girl does when asked how she felt about Jong-un waving a machine gun around.
I think art is art, and you can do different things, and they mean different things. I mean, it probably freaked a couple of people out, but it’s just dancing, you know?

Wise words, just not in this context. This should have been a time where Kimmel offered people money to keep their mouths closed. And, oddly enough, it’s not even the only time “Lie Witness News” goosed people about reality show this month. Kimmel took to the streets for the American Idol finale last week to see if people knew who the finalists were.

You’ll have to wait until the fall to see Dancing with the Stars return to ABC, possibly with Fidel Castro on it. And you’ll have to wait until Thursday night to see a new Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as he’s airing a repeat tonight to honor David Letterman for his last Late Night show.

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