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Jimmy Kimmel Live Tricks Coachella Attendees Into Raving About Fake Bands

Have you ever heard a weird turn of phrase and thought it would make a great band name? Well, loveable late night host Jimmy Kimmel took that concept one step further this week in his latest segment of the always hysterical Lie Witness News. Armed with a camera, a microphone and a list of fake band names, he sent one of his writers into Coachella and asked unsuspecting concertgoers for their thoughts on the made-up groups.

Not surprisingly, quite a few of the interviewees decided to try and pull a fast one on the interviewer by claiming to have heard of the bands. In one instance, two girls actually claimed to have been pissed about missing out on a show the fake group put on at Lollapalooza. Were they trying to look cool? Were they trying to not look stupid? Were they just mistakenly thinking of other bands? Probably a combination of all three.

The key to Kimmel’s continued success, at least in my mind, is how he’s able to come off as both edgy and good-natured at the same time, and this segment is a great example of that. It could easily come off as mean-spirited and vindictive, but instead, it seems a little goofy, sure to cause a little embarrassment but not any permanent scars.

If you find yourself in Los Angeles and someone with a camera is asking you questions you don’t know, keep these segments in mind.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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