Adam Levine Was Sugar Bombed On His Way To Film Jimmy Kimmel Live

One of the last times Maroon 5 frontman and The Voice coach Adam Levine made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he was part of a few celebrities reading off Mean Tweets about themselves. This time, the “attacks” got a little more real, as Levine was assaulted by a sugar bomb on his way into the studio, turning him into a sweet mess. It’s probably the safest bomb to have thrown at you, but it’s still a pretty pointless gesture.

Levine was a guest on the Wednesday night episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and he arrived on the Hollywood Blvd. studio lot around 8:30 p.m., immediately greeted by fans seeking autographs. But every group has to have that one person who doesn’t know better, and in this case, that person was a mid-thirtysomething male who pummeled Levine with a blast of powdered sugar. Levine’s assistant also took some of the powdery blowback, as did security.

This isn’t exactly the kind of crime that one could commit from a sniper position atop a building, and the close-up culprit was caught and arrested on suspicion of battery on Levine and the four other people hit by the sugar. Imagine trying to share that story with whoever else is inside the same holding cell as you. Even tax evasion and serial double parking are more brag-worthy crimes. (Not that any crime is brag-worthy, but you get my drift.)

Here’s a video of the incident, thanks to Los Angeles’ ABC7.

To his credit, Adam Levine doesn’t go completely apeshit when he gets hit, and doesn’t even appear to be all that upset by it. (Though he might have been yelling out curse words with an otherwise calm demeanor.) I’m sure there was a split-second of panic over what the substance was, but it looks like enough of it went into his mouth that the mystery was cleared up pretty quickly. Those seeking more autographs were probably more vocally hate-filled towards the sugar-thrower than Levine.

Oddly enough, Levine’s interview with Kimmel had him telling a story where he accidentally threw a microphone into a woman’s face. It’s all in the motivation, people. Check out part of that interview below.

Maybe the sugar bomb thing will become a part of Levine’s life story sitcom that he keeps trying to get made. Until then, check out Jimmy Kimmel Live! every weeknight on ABC.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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