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Watch A Judge Judy Defendant Lose His Case In Less Than A Minute

You don’t expect the average person who agrees to come on Judge Judy’s show to be the sharpest tool in the shed. However, we’ve never seen anything quite so bad as this defendant who came into the TV host’s courtroom during a past episode. You can watch how he somehow incriminates himself in under a minute, below.

In the video, the plaintiff, a high school student named Ginny Paradeza, explains how her wallet was stolen. Inside was some cash, all of her ids, gift cards, an earpiece and a calculator. Early on, the segment is similar to any other Judge Judy case, with a plaintiff explaining the case and the defendant table sitting silently. Well, instead of keeping his mouth shut this time, one of the two defendants immediately makes an incriminating comment. If you don’t have time to watch the short video, here’s what he says:

There was no earpiece in there, ma’am.

I mean really, if you are guilty, it’s probably best to keep your mouth zipped and just see how things play out. Judge Judy obviously agrees. As soon as the words come out of the defendant’s mouth, she literally busts out laughing. I mean how could you not when someone inadvertently admits guilt without seeming to know what he or she is doing? She immediately judges for the plaintiff in the amount of $500 dollars and the show moves on. In fact, it only took 26 seconds for the small claims issue to be resolved. I’d say it’s great efficiency on the judge’s part, but really, there’s not much else you can do when someone basically admits to the crime.

If you like where that 26-second court case came from, there’s going to be plenty more of from Judge Judy for the next couple of years. Back in 2013, the CBS-distributed daytime program was signed on for four more seasons, meaning we are definitely getting more Judge Judy through 2017. While competition is fierce in the daytime landscape and the popular judge isn’t getting any younger, I’m guessing she can probably have a contract for as long as she wants one. We’ll just have to wait and see whether she’ll want to stick around to make court-related decisions and to laugh at the mistakes of the people who appear on her show after her current contract is up.

Courtroom cases and lawsuits make the news all the time. Judge Judy herself has been involved in a personal case or two in the past. Consequently, she knows how to handle herself in the courtroom and get things done. Hopefully, if this kid ever finds himself in front of a judge again, he'll be a little more cagey when it comes to what he does and doesn't admit on the record.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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