Watch Michelle Rodriguez Eat A Mouse Boiled In Her Own Urine

Bear Grylls has been running wild over at NBC for some time now, and this week he took Furious 7 actress Michelle Rodriguez out into the wilds, where they trekked around. Unfortunately, they ran out of water at one juncture and were forced to cook a mouse for dinner in the actress’ urine in lieu of any actual H2O. The whole thing, while fine for work, is extremely disgusting. If you are feeling brave, give it a watch, below.

In the video from this week’s Running Wild, we learn that Grylls and Rodriguez ran out of water sometime during the day. To improvise, they;ve caught a mouse to eat and they are literally boiling piss to cook it in. Bear Grylls eats the mouse first and Rodriguez looks pretty grossed out, but not as grossed out as she looks a couple of seconds later after she gets mouse bones and flesh in her mouth.


Eating a mouse isn’t really the ickiest part of that video. There’s actual meat on a mouse, and as Rodriguez remarks, it totally tastes “like chicken.” However, things get really gross when Bear Grylls suggests he and Rodriguez actually consume the boiled piss they used to cook the mouse in. Clearly it smells, looks and tastes rank. Even Bear gets a disgusted look on his face when he takes a drink, and while Michelle Rodriguez follows his lead, if you think that first face was bad, check out this one.


Bear admits that he’s had to drink urine a few times before “in a survival situation,” but he also calls the experience of drinking someone else’s urine the one that has totally done him in, it’s so bad. Seriously, can you blame him? While Rodriguez was totally grossed out by the act, he actually had to take it a step further and drink someone else’s urine. I hope someone gave them a Cliff bar as soon as the cameras were turned off. I’m all for watching celebrities adorably attempt cliff climbing. I’m even okay when they eat snakes and other weird food items. But this urine stew might literally be the grossest thing that Running Wild with Bear Grylls has ever featured.

One thing’s for certain: Michelle Rodriguez is a trooper and has had it tougher than other celebrities, including Kate Winslet, this season. Running Wild with Bear Grylls is also expected to feature a slew of other huge celebrities doing weird stuff like drinking urine moving forward. You can catch the full list here. Or tune in to catch the show on NBC Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
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