Watch Miss Colombia Finally Get Her Moment At The People's Choice Awards

As it turns out, a few weeks is not long enough for anybody to quite get over Steve Harvey’s infamous Miss Universe flub that saw the wrong woman crowned as the winner for two minutes before he realized his mistake. Fortunately for poor Miss Colombia, this People’s Choice Awards’ spoof of the mishap was hilarious and gave Colombia a little redemption. Check it out!

Finally, Miss Colombia got a moment in the sun that didn’t involve being stripped of her title and trophies immediately thereafter. Sure, a People’s Choice Award being awarded to a look-alike wasn’t exactly the same as winning the top prize at the Miss Universe pageant, but it was still a nice gesture. In fact, Miss Colombia – known as Ariadna Gutierrez in non-pageant circuits – was positively thrilled with the spoof, taking to social media after it aired to share her thoughts:

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Of course, laughing should be a lot easier knowing that Tom Lennon was in on the joke. He was the perfect person to pull off the pageant-esque joke at the People’s Choice Awards, and capably showed comic devastation at having to turn over the trophy to the real winner. He and Jane Lynch were a wonderful duo to lampoon the flub heard ‘round the universe, and it’s good to see that Miss Colombia could enjoy the surprise. Her early graceful acceptance of Harvey’s mistake recently turned bitter after marinating for a few days over the fact that she thought that she had everything that she had dreamed of for two glorious minutes. Thus, her good humor at the PCA gag looks to be a sign that she might be moving past her hangups about the mishap.

Honestly, the only thing that might have made the People’s Choice Awards parody funnier would have been if Steve Harvey had been present without knowing what was coming for a reaction shot. He probably wouldn’t have had the same deer-in-the-headlights expression of barely concealed heartbreak that Miss Columbia wore after being forced to surrender her crown to Miss Philippines, but it would have been worth a laugh or two.

The clip of Miss Columbia losing her temporary title and being stripped of her glory is too awkward to watch over and over whereas the People’s Choice Awards spoof is almost too funny not to watch a few extra times. Miss Columbia at least deserves some positive attention at an awards ceremony.

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