Watch NFL Star Vernon Davis Give Some Hilarious Answers On Family Feud

Celebrity Family Feud has been a big hit for ABC this summer, and a recent episode featured a slew of popular NFL players, including Vernon Davis. During the episode, Davis got in a few ridiculous Family Feud answers, leading to plenty of Steve Harvey’s signature looks and commentary. You can check out his hilarious answer to the body language question, “What part of a woman speaks the loudest?,” below.

There are a lot of ways to express body language, but when host Steve Harvey asked Vernon Davis to state the part of a woman that “speaks” the loudest, I don’t think anyone expected him to state “feet” right off the bat. Steve Harvey certainly was a little surprised by the football player’s answer, giving him one of his signature looks before making a joke-oriented speech about it.


Here’s what Harvey has to say about the feet:

Fellas, let me ask you something. Did the commissioner talk to you all and say, 'Let's just give really good, good guy, cute answers?' Yeah, your feet say a lot. If it speaks the loudest, then your girl got some big-ass feet.

Later there was this round, in which Davis and his fellow NFL players were asked to name a word that follows the word “strip” on Family Feud. A lot of the players are pretty bad at this round, not coming up with words or saying things like “rip.” Calais Campbell actually manages to say “strip tease,” which is on the board. And then Vernon steps up to the plate again and says “strip(per).” This time, he earns a handshake from the amused game show host. Check out the outside-the-box response around the 2-minute mark.

Over the last few years, Family Feud has quietly worked to become one of if not the most popular game show in America. Recently, the series beat out both veteran shows Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! in the ratings. The advent of Celebrity Family Feud has certainly brought more buzz to the long-running series, and the first episode on ABC did more than 8.5 million total viewers.

In addition to the slew of NFL players, Celebrity Family Feud has a slew of other celebrities set to appear, including Phil McGraw, Kevin McHale, Fred Willard, Katy Mixon, Niecy Nash, Cheryl Hines, Rob Gronkowski, Bill Engvall, Keke Palmer, Ed Asner, Mario Lopez, Holly Peete and many more.

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