Watch This Woman Give The Filthiest Answer In Family Feud History

Much like a wine-infused game of word association, the buzzer segments of Family Feud offer the world a delightfully odd look into the minds of everyday citizens who aren’t used to studio cameras and lights highlighting their mistakes. Which gives us hilarious moments like the one seen below, in which a woman provides a super filthy window into her animal-filled soul. Check it out.

When asked to name something a doctor takes out of a person, the quick-lipped Darci answered with, “A gerbil.” I know what you’re thinking. Sure, it’s perfectly possible for someone to go along in their daily lives without a care in the world when BAM, a gerbil suddenly starts forming in the gut like an ulcer, and the only way it can be taken out is by a doctor. That happens all the time, right? No? Oh, well then I guess she was thinking about it in a grody , grody sex way.

Darci immediately knew that this was the wrong thing to say, and that realization was punctuated by Steve Harvey’s aghast silence. If you look at her face, you can almost imagine that she’s the one reacting to someone else bringing up gerbil extraction.


Unfortunately for her, she’s the one that came up with it, and this clip will almost definitely be in existence for the rest of her life. To her credit, she does try to jokingly deny saying it, and then she passes it off by saying, “I heard about something like that once.” Maybe she recently looked that Richard Gere story up on Snopes, although then she would have realized that it didn’t happen and would thus not have still had rodents-in-the-body all up in her brain.

I’m pretty sure this is what Carrie White’s mom was talking about when she said, “They’re all gonna laugh at you.” Didn’t even need a bucket full of gerbil blood to make it happen.


I think we all know that the real number one answer for this question would have been “Richard Dawson’s tongue,” since the former Family Feud host was something of a kissing bandit. Anyway, have fun at that petting zoo you were going to before you clicked this story.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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