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Carrie Underwood is a busy lady. Between releasing the hit album Blown Away in 2012 and traveling around the world on a subsequent tour supporting the album, the 30-year-old singer and American Idol winner has a lot going on. However, she says she still tries to cut loose and include a little fun in her life.

Underwood will cut loose occasionally, at least with her core group of friends, which includes her 32-year-old hubby, Mike Fischer, who plays hockey for the Nashville Predators. Underwood recently found some time to sit down with People to talk about what she does in her spare time—which includes dance parties.
"At home we'll have the most amazing parties where everyone shows up and just acts stupid,"

Additionally, while the singer has a reputation for being quite the golden girl with the angelic set of pipes, sometimes she would just prefer to sing songs that discuss having a good time—much like what she prefers to do in her spare time.
"It's great when you can write a meaningful song that touches people, but sometimes you just wanna have fun and sing a silly song that doesn't reflect on you as a person. It's just a jam you wanna turn up in your car."

It’s not as if the singer doesn’t have plenty of fun choices in her repertoire of songs. She may have the more critically acclaimed fodder like “Blown Away” to back her up, but both “Cowboy Casanova” and “Good Girl” are pretty fun songs to jam out to in the car. Here’s to hoping we get plenty more hits from the singer in the years to come.


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