Watch Portlandia Celebrate Battlestar Galactica With One Moore Episode

Portlandia’s return is one of many reasons to be grateful that 2012 has officially started. If you’re a fan of the IFC comedy series and Battlestar Galactica, there’s even more reason to look forward to the series’ return, as Season 2 is set to include “One Moore Episode,” which celebrates the love (or obsession) with Battlestar Galactica.

Portlandia is a short-based comedy that finds the humor in the ’90’s-like laid back, hipster culture of Portland, Oregon. The series’ second season is set to include a number of guest-stars, including Jeff Goldblum, who you'll see in the episode below.

Portlandia’s “One Moore Episode” isn’t the first episode of the season, but it is the first one some of us will get to see as the network posted it online and we have it embedded below. It won’t air on IFC until the Friday after next (January 13th). In the meantime, watch it below and be sure to tune in this Friday (January 6th) for the Season 2 premiere.

Spoilers from the episode below the video!

Spoiler Warning: Specific references to the above episode below. Read no further if you haven’t watched!

The episode isn’t completely devoted to BSG, but the guest appearances were pretty amazing, as was the music and I’m sure some of us who fell in love with Ron Moore’s reboot of the sci-fi TV series can relate to the obsession expressed by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein’s characters (to a less active extent, at least). Few would probably think to track down Ronald D. Moore (any Ronald D. Moore will apparently do) as Armisen and Brownstein's characters did, but their efforts rewarded them with a possible (albeit very unlikely) sequel to the series, and a heart to heart with Bill Adama.

And with that, I’m now thinking about getting a tattoo of Eddie Vedder playing the tambourines.

So say we all.

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