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With The X Factor set to premiere on Fox tomorrow night, judges Simon Cowell and Britney visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, during which Britney Spears was treated to a dance lesson from YouTube celebrity Psy, who taught her "Gangnam Style."

Cowell and Spears were guests on Ellen yesterday, and while Cowell was dressed in his usual casual attire (snug-fitting v-neck t-shirt and jeans), Spears to be going for more of a reserved kind of look, with her hair tied back in a neat bun and a red dress. Getting dressed up for Ellen isn't a bad idea, but maybe not so much for a dance lesson, which is what Spears got when she and Cowell were on the show. Watch the video below and see Ellen surprise Britney Spears with an appearance by Psy and a quick Gangnam Style dance lesson.

Never a dull moment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show! If you aren't one of the millions of people who have seen Psy's Youtube video, which explains Spears' interest in the dance and his appearance on the show, here it is…

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