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Watch A Russian Dancer Destroy Her Nose In Epic Faceplant

Sniff. That’s right. Go ahead and take the biggest whiff that your schnoz can possible withstand – unless you’re living inside of a dumpster or something – because after watching the video below, you’re going to be appreciating your nose quite a bit for the rest of the day.

To clear things up right away, Russian dancer Ekaterina Kondrashina is okay and won’t need any kind of plastic surgery or hospital stays to fix her face. She suffered what appears to be a broken nose and perhaps a temporarily shattered ego, but is otherwise okay. So we don’t feel AS bad for gawking so heavily at this epically horrifying dance move.

This was the 23-year-old Kondrashina’s audition for the Russian talent series Dancing, which is similar to the U.S.’ So You Think You Can Dance, and she’d spent two months training for it. I’m guessing that her floors at home never reached up and knocked her in the face, though.

Kondrashina – who says on Instagram that she is a fitness coach, yoga teacher and model (as well as a dancer) – aimed to make it to the next round of Dancing, but I dare say that she reached international fame a lot easier through this video than she ever would have by advancing on the show. Granted, not everyone in the world wants to have their claim to fame be a split-turned-headbuster on TV, but there are far worse things to be known for. That said, I’m glad this wasn’t me.


After the brutal dance move, Kondrashina had to leave the stage with her hands covering her bleeding nose, and she was taken care of by medical personnel on the scene. She told the presenters before leaving that she probably broke it, so at least she didn’t suffer any mental damage.

That might be a surprise, considering this judge’s face here makes it seem like what he’s watching was ridiculously intense, like someone catching on fire or turning into a unicorn or something.


While it doesn’t look like Kondrashina’s reality TV days will be plentiful in the near future, this is just the kind of oddball event that might get her noticed elsewhere. Considering she was hoping to use the 3,000,000 RUB to help open up a dance school in her home town, we certainly wish her the best.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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