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One of the biggest events in American culture is definitely the Super Bowl. There’s really something for just about anybody, whether it’s the actual football or the halftime show or just the snacks. For some of us, however, the real highlights of Super Bowl Sunday each year are the commercials that are often big budget and bizarre in the best ways. Hyundai has beaten most other advertisers to the punch by releasing its commercial ahead of time. Featuring Ryan Reynolds as we’ve never seen him before, the ad is definitely worth a watch. Check it out!

For any who aren’t totally up on their geography, “Ryanville” is actually listed on some maps as “Hilariousburgh” and “Handsomeshire.” If this ad doesn’t make you want to buy a Hyundai – or at least look into the possibility of Ryan Reynolds clones on sale – than nothing will.

Hyundai made a bold move when it decided to feature Ryan Reynolds as the face(s) of a Super Bowl commercial. Networks are able to charge astronomical prices for ad times during the biggest football game of the year, so advertisers bring out the big guns to get their money’s worth. Commercials can be positively star-studded, but usually just not with the one star over and over again.

On the whole, it’s no huge surprise that Ryan Reynolds is a hot enough commodity it 2016 to warrant having clones of himself starring in a Super Bowl ad. His highly-anticipated superhero film Deadpool is set to premiere on February 12, and he’s been taking social media by storm to market the movie. His recent video posted on Twitter to raise awareness for testicular cancer testing combined helpful knowledge with the irreverent humor of the Deadpool character is just one example of how Reynolds has been effectively drawing attention to his film.

The Hyundai commercial does seem a bit more geared toward the ladies than the testicular cancer awareness clip, but there’s no reason why everybody shouldn’t feel free to re-watch a few times if only to observe each of the many Ryan Reynolds go about their respective business.

If the Ryanville ad is any indication of the commercials that we’ll be seeing this Super Bowl Sunday, we’re in for plenty of entertainment between gameplay. At the very least, we’ll have this one to cheer us up online if there’s another beer commercial featuring a lost puppy trying to return to his home. We still haven’t recovered from that one.

To catch this and all the other great commercials – as well as some football, if you’re so inclined – be sure to tune in to the Super Bowl matchup between the Panthers and the Broncos on February 7 at 6:35 p.m. ET on CBS.