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This week, Budweiser has released its latest Super Bowl ad, and it should make you feel pretty warm and fuzzy inside—especially if you caught last year’s big Super Bowl ad. That’s right, the puppy and the Clydesdale are back for round 2, and the resulting ad should make you feel all the feels. Check it out, below.

The latest Budweiser ad takes us back to the picturesque horse farm that also dabbles in puppy adoption. The puppy is up to his usual shenanigans, running around and escaping the farm, only to find his way home again. But there’s a twist.


That’s right, this time, our cute little puppy comes face to face with a wolf, who looks none too happy to see the dirt-covered pup. Luckily, the puppy is close enough to home and yelps loudly enough that our Clydesdale heroes are able to come to the rescue. They scare off the horse and the next day the puppy and horse resume their usual friendship. So cute. And the beer product placement is actually subtle.


Following taking a break from its Clydesdale advertising, Budweiser is back in fine form with this latest advertisement, and it’s a good thing, too, as the beer company paid a pretty penny to NBC this year to get the thing to air. In fact, early reports indicated that the network was pushing advertisers to shell out $4.5 million bucks for a timeslot during Super Bowl XLIX this year. That’s a 12% increase over what Fox asked for last year.

Additionally, the ad comes a full day after GoDaddy briefly released its own Super Bowl ad, which was a play on last year’s Clydesdale and puppy gem from Budweiser. Unfortunately, while the puppy was cute in that commercial, it wasn’t handled particularly tastefully, and many people on the internet got riled up about it, noting its promotion of puppy mills (in the end of that commercial, a puppy was sold using a GoDaddy domain). Following complaints, GoDaddy pulled the ad from the website, and GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving confirmed it will no longer air during the Super Bowl.


The move is likely a boon to Budweiser, as now the company won’t even have to worry about a spoof of its commercial airing during the big game. Although a standoff against a wild wolf obviously would have been the cooler pick, anyway. Stay tuned, as more Super Bowl commercials are released throughout the week leading up to the big game on NBC this Sunday at 6:30 p.m. ET.