Watch Saturday Night Live Shred Justin Bieber With Hilarious Calvin Klein Ad

Oh, Justin Bieber. If there is one thing you are good for, it is giving us endless amounts of material to make fun of. And in lieu of Bieber's Calvin Klein ads that circulated the internet recently, NBC’s Saturday Night Live took the opportunity to completely demolish any hope Beiber had of his ads showing off some sort of newfound maturity. Watch as Kate McKinnon shows us what really happened at the Calvin Klein underwear shoot.

The parody dives right into the black-and-white photo shoot, giving us an inside look of how the young singer acted on set. This isn’t the first time that Kate McKinnon has brought to life the pop star, and it most definitely won’t be the last. She spoofs Bieber so well it's almost too uncomfortable to watch. But so hilarious. She mocks the youth of the celebrity, and his want to so desperately be taken serious as a “big boy”. The skit is filled with ‘tattoos that make me say, ow-y”, some serious drinking of juice boxes, a razor scooter, fake push-ups (among another fake thing), and a seriously annoyed female model. It’s pretty much everything you’d imagine the Calvin Klein shoot was like.

In case you didn’t hear about the underwear ad before today, it featured Justin Bieber with way-too-tight briefs along with a heavy debate on whether or not there were parts of the ad photoshopped to help Biebs feel like ‘more of man’. I think you catch my drift. Take a peek below and you can decide if it is 'beliebable' or not.

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McKinnon had the bowing/hands together pose down perfectly in the SNL skit and of course after admitting all of this underwear is making him tired, McKinnon states, “my Calvins, clothes for my big weiner.” It’s super childish, and silly, but it's such a fun watch. Everything, from her pouty saves between shots, and the realistic 'cool-guy' hand motions.

Last summer on TBS’ Conan McKinnon discussed her secret technique to the perfect Justin Bieber impression, telling Conan O’Brien:

“It’s looking like a puppy that just piddled and is sort of sorry about it. And he’s got those Jolie-Pitt lips. Those lips don’t quit.”

It totally helps that McKinnon is a terrific comedian, and also looks strangely like him when she is in her Biebs get-up, but nevertheless, we appreciate her letting us in on the secret, and maybe we can all one day come together in the harmony that is making fun of the serious, ‘big boy’ pop icon, Justin Bieber.