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At this point, most people are ready to believe pretty much anything about Justin Bieber. That’s what happens when you get caught in a multi-month fail spiral of dumb decisions and shitty attitudes. If tweets, Facebook statuses and below article comments are any indication, an overwhelming majority of people seem to be pretty convinced he actually did egg his neighbor’s house, but when it comes to the latest DUI, drag racing and resisting arrest charges, the case against the pop singer might not be quite as cut and dry as expected.

According to TMZ, the police report concerning the incident claims the Biebs was driving a little below sixty miles an hour in a residential zone during his big race with Khalil, but apparently, the car rental company inserted a device into the vehicles that measures speed and apart from a brief spell in the low 50s, the two men were supposedly driving in the low thirties. That’s obviously against the law in a residential neighborhood, but it’s hardly evidence of a dangerous drag race in which innocent lives could have been taken.

In addition, there’s reportedly a bit of a problem with the DUI portion. Rumors are raging that the singer blew a .014. Given he’s under twenty-one years of age, that’s obviously enough to be against the law, but it’s hardly enough to impair anyone’s driving abilities. That’s like half a beer, maybe. There are also whispers about possible drug use, but at this point, it's unclear whether the early rumors that he admitted to smoking weed and popping pills are true.

Because we’re not in a formal trial situation, most of the evidence on both sides is being whispered rather than formally presented. That makes the situation more of a public relations game than an honest assessment of the facts. As such, it’s very possible the Biebs’ people are just in full on spin control mode and the truth will eventually prove he was a drunken mess racing through the streets of Miami like Dale Earnhardt Sr.

We’ll just have to wait and see, but for the time being, it’s probably better not to jump to conclusions. This case is probably not the slam dunk we all would have guessed it was. There's a real possibility he may be just a d-bag and not a drunk driving d-bag.

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