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Cops To Recommend Justin Bieber Be Charged For Spitting

It looks like the public relations fallout might not be the worst repercussion from Justin Bieber’s recent spitting incident. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department hasn’t officially announced whether or not it will recommend the State prosecute the pop star for his alleged oral discharge, but sources close to the investigation are reportedly saying that when authorities hand the investigation over to the DA’s Office, they will advise formal battery charges be filed.

According to TMZ, it’s just as much about the pattern as this individual spitting incident. Over the last six months or a year, the Biebs has kind of turned into a douche, and apparently, police officers feel it might be better to slap him down a peg rather than let him continue to get more douchey.

The incident in question happened earlier this week after a new Ferrari was delivered to Justin’s house. He allegedly drove like a bat out of hell behind the wheel all over the neighborhood at 9 in the morning while children and wives were out playing/ walking dogs/ mingling. The brash act of vehicular hooliganism didn’t sit too well with his neighbors. One of them confronted him, and that’s when the Biebs allegedly expelled the wad of disgustingness from his mouth and onto the forty-seven-year-old concerned father.

Getting famous at a young age is never easy. The majority of teen stars go through some kind of growing pains at some point, but even so, that doesn’t make spitting on a human being and acting like a jackass acceptable.

Here’s to hoping Bieber gets whatever punishment will cause him to wake up and get back on the right track.

Mack Rawden
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