Watch Justin Bieber Pee Into A Janitor's Bucket, Act Like A D-Bag

Think about the moment you first realized Justin Bieber was sliding off the rails. Was it when Selena Gomez walked out? Was it when he and his friends started treating his gated community like a race track? Or maybe when he allegedly spit on his neighbor during an argument? Honestly, all of those moments seem quaint compared to the vile douche baggery displayed in the above video.

It’s unclear exactly where this footage was shot or how recently the incident may have happened, but the reckless abuses of stardom depicted are pretty obvious. Bieber and his slew of friends, who have apparently in ass hat fashion nicknamed themselves the “Wild Kidz”, were exiting a nightclub through the kitchen when the Biebs decided he needed to pee. Unfortunately, instead of seeking out a bathroom like a decent human being, he decided to whip it out and piss inside the janitor’s mop bucket. With plenty of friends around, you would think, or at least hope, one of them would have said, “Hey, that’s not really cool”, but instead, they encouraged the behavior like immature hyenas. Even worse, they told an unidentified man who seems like an employee that the nightclub should be honored by Justin’s choice of where to relieve himself. Later, Bieber also sprayed cleaning fluid on a picture of Bill Clinton and hurled an f-bomb at him for unexplained reasons.

The footage is disgusting. It’s the type of thing you’d expect to see among the most pathetic and lowly members of a fraternity, among the guys the other fratty dudes wish they’d never let in. I really wish it never happened for the sake of the poor janitor who had to change Justin’s piss water, but since it does exist, I’m glad TMZ ran it. The world needs to know what this kid is turning into because there’s no denying it now. I was more than willing to chalk most of Bieber’s bullshit up to being a nineteen-year-old. We all did some stupid shit when we were kids, but this goes beyond smoking a little pot, driving a car too quickly and overreacting during an argument.

Remember that smiley kid from Canada who seemed so humbled and blown away by his own popularity? Remember how much he seemed to care about projecting a positive influence into the world and being a great role model for kids? Well, that guy has been replaced by an asshole who thinks other people should be thrilled to change his piss water. Lovely.

We’ll let you know if he bothers to release a bullshit, generic apology in the coming days.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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