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Justin Bieber Accused Of Reckless Driving By Neighbors Again

Some of Justin Bieber’s neighbors think he’s a menace behind the wheel. Back in March, he allegedly sped around his gated community so quickly, it led to a man chewing him out and then supposedly getting spit on for his troubles. Now, thanks to another driving incident and two 911 calls, the Biebs is reportedly being investigated by the police department.

According to TMZ, two different people who live in the same luxury gated Calabasas community as the pop star called police to tell them Bieber was racing around the streets like a bat out of hell on Sunday evening. The Los Angeles County Sheriff reportedly sent out a few officers in response, but when they arrived at the Biebs’ crib, he allegedly refused to speak to them. If true, that’s definitely a dick move, but his lack of cooperation will certainly make it more difficult for anything to be proven.

Bieber needs to wake up. There are few things the world collectively dislikes more than a smug teenager without any common sense. Earlier this month, he was booed at the Billboard Music Awards, and people have long been asking whether he’s turning into a lowlife. Every single incident from this point on will only make people think “here we go again”, which is a disaster for someone who makes his living off being appreciated by the general public.

Everyone likes to speed after they first get their license, but there’s a difference between going fifteen miles an hour over the speed limit on the highway and racing around a sleepy neighborhood where children could be playing.

Mack Rawden
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