Watch The Uncut Version Of The Burger Commercial Featuring Playmate Sara Underwood

Carl’s Jr./ Hardees has been using sex to sell for nearly as long as I can remember. Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian have both sold burgers for the chain in the past, but the raciest ad I’ve ever seen may have actually been the Memphis BBQ Burger commercial, which features Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood and iCarly’s Emily Ratajkowski grilling in scantily clad costumes.

The original ad is pretty racy, with some not-so-subtle references to women as ‘pieces of meat.’ However, TMZ recently acquired the uncut version of the commercial, and it blows what aired on television out of the water. The video features a whole scene shot behind the girls in order to take advantage of the high cut and low slung shorts the two are wearing. Additionally, Ratajkowski, even gets in a leg pop, which was really cute when Anne Hathaway did it in The Princess Diaries, but fails to resemble anything but sex appeal, here.

The original video toned down the rating a little bit by showing less shots with the girl’s butts peeking out, but is otherwise pretty similar. At any rate, everyone should be impressed by Ratajkowski’s toned abs. In case you’ve forgotten what those look like, we’ve got the original version of the commercial for you, as well.

I don’t see how the Carl’s Jr./Hardees could possibly top this ad in terms of raciness but, hell, I’m sure the company will try.