Weird Al Yankovic Is Returning To TV, Get The Details

Quirky satellite cable network IFC has been home to plenty of unusual programming over the years, ranging from original comedies a la Portlandia, to popular films. One of the most fun bits of programming to air on IFC has been late night series Comedy Bang! Bang! which was previously hosted by Scott Aukerman and Kid Cudi. Now, as Kid Cudi steps down, another great bandleader will be stepping in. Weird Al Yankovic shall bring his luscious locks and comedy stylings to IFC as new co-host of Comedy Bang! Bang!.

According to THR, Weird Al Yankovic is a longtime fan of the show. In fact, he has been a recurring guest on the series throughout its run so far. Fans of the dynamic between Kid Cudi and Scott Aukerman may be disappointed that Cudi is leaving, but there’s no better man in all of showbiz to take his place.

Weird Al Yankovic will be joining Comedy Bang! Bang! as bandleader and co-host for the fifth season. Twenty episodes have been ordered and production has been started, so new episodes are expected to hit the airwaves this spring. The series has already been known for subversively reinventing the late-night talk show scene and has attracted some of the biggest names in Hollywood for guest appearances; it should be fun to see how Yankovic will interact with these guests now that he’s an official member of the team at Comedy Bang! Bang!

Check out a clip from the show to see Weird Al Yankovic awesomely jamming out on the accordion – yes, the accordion – with Reggie Watts and Jack Black:

For those of us who can’t help but want more of Weird Al Yankovic ASAP now that news of him joining a show has been released, the wait until spring could be rough. Luckily, Yankovic has recently released yet another comedy album. Called Mandatory Fun, it has become the first comedy album in history to debut at the top of the Billboard chart. He’s been a busy man since the first national release of a single back in 1979, what with all of the Grammy-winning and record-setting that he’s managed as a singer/songwriter. We’re just lucky that he has the time to join a show in a regular gig.

Of course, Comedy Bang! Bang! won’t be the first time that Weird Al Yankovic has a regular gig on a show. He starred in The Weird Al Show back in 1997. As The Weird Al Show aired on Saturday mornings on CBS for only a single season of thirteen episodes, we can count on his stint on Comedy Bang! Bang! being more successful…and probably much funnier.

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