What To Expect From Blindspot Season 2

Spoilers are ahead for the Season 1 finale of Blindspot. If you still need to catch up, try reading one of our other amazing articles.

Well, the Season 1 finale was a big one for Blindspot. We finally found out that Jane wasn’t actually Weller’s missing childhood friend Taylor Shaw, and we also know what happened to her, seeing as how Weller’s dad confessed to killing her on his death bed. Mayfair died in a very bloody way in the finale, and Jane killed Oscar and was arrested by the FBI New York Field Office’s new boss, Weller. With all the reveals from the episode, though, we still don’t know who the hell Jane really is or where she came from. Well, if you’re planning to tune in for Season 2, it looks like you’re going to be rewarded with at least a few answers pretty quickly, according to Blindspot executive producer Martin Gero.

You’re going to learn Jane’s real name in Episode 1 of Season 2. You’re going to find out a lot. A lot. And it will be real this time.

Oooooh. You hear that? No more misdirection about who Jane is for the Season 2 premiere. Martin Gero spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the finale and Blindspot’s plans for the seasons ahead, and revealed that they have the story arcs, including reveals to some big mysteries, already laid out for the next season. Usually, shows with big questions like the ones Blindspot has posed over the first season can let those secrets go on for way too long, while still piling on additional mysteries for the audience to obsess over. But, it sounds like this is not going to be a series that tortures viewers with the absence of answers they so dearly desire.

Really, finding out Jane’s real name by the end of the first episode of Season 2 sounds like a good reward for everyone who stuck with the show for the first season. Note that Martin Gero also says that we’ll find out “a lot” about what’s going on in that first episode and that all the info will be the genuine article. So, while I’m sure there will be some new questions introduced in that episode, and during the course of Season 2, we can at least be sure that we’ll be gifted with some answers before too long. And it’s a good thing, too. When a show like Blindspot holds out on answers, it can end up frustrating the audience more than it intrigues them. That can frequently lead to viewers who are so unhappy that they give up on a program altogether.

Will you be waiting with bated breath all summer until you can find out who Jane really is? You can free yourself of some of the suspense by checking out our summer TV premiere schedule and finding a show to keep you busy until Season 2 of Blindspot debuts this fall.

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