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The Walking Dead returns to AMC in just a few short days. After months of waiting and teases by the cast and crew, we’ll finally be able to see just what is happening inside the zombie-filled walls of Alexandria. One of the big questions around the back half of Season 6 is how fan-favorite Morgan will fit into the precarious situation that our group of survivors are in. Considering his vow against killing, as well as his growing feud with Carol, will he be a help or hindrance in the upcoming battle against the Saviors? Walking Dead creator, writer, producer, and wizard Robert Kirkman recently spoke to Morgan’s upcoming plotline, saying:
I would say that the conflict between him and Carol is only beginning. I would expect to see, a little bit more of that in the back half of the season as Morgan is still finding his place within this group. He’s still very much new to the scene and trying to feel out, how it is that he interacts with these people. And his philosophy, as I said, is at odds with Rick, and it’s possibly going to be more at odds after the attack on Alexandria than it was before.

This statement, which comes to us from EW, makes it sounds like Morgan is going to be rubbing a lot of fans the wrong way, but it will certainly add a new dynamic to the show.

The subject of morality is a tricky one in The Walking Dead. While our heroes are all good people in theory, the world of the zombie apocalypse have hardened them significantly. Rick, and much of the group, have little patience for weakness and their enemies. Morgan’s staunch stance against murder is in opposition to both of these beliefs: he’s weakening the group and allowing their enemies to walk away. In an environment where Alexandria is facing multiple threats, this presumably won’t be tolerated.

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What I’m the most excited for in regards to Morgan’s story is his conflict with Carol. The cookie lady has quickly become the most deadly survivor in the group, and she is essentially the opposite of Morgan in regards to killing. Carol believes in taking no chances, and quickly exterminating all threats in order to guarantee survival. It should be interesting to see how she and Morgan coexist after their conflict, which resulted in Carol being knocked out and Dr. Denise being taken hostage by the Alpha Wolf.

With Denise’s capture, I wonder how Tara will take sides in the conflict. She’s normally a very moral character who would side with Morgan, but now that her potential love interest is in danger because of his folly, will she become more hardened like Carol?

The final thing to take away from Robert Kirkman’s statement is that it appears that Morgan is safe from the impending entrance of Negan. Now this is just my hypothesis, but I think it’s rather unlikely that Morgan’s conflicts with both Carol the group will be able to be wrapped up in just a few short episodes. Taking into account that The Walking Dead usually has an episode or two that feature one character (and ignoring the group), the opportunities for Morgan’s story to be fleshed out decreases even more. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Morgan is safe from an untimely death, at least for the rest of Season 6.

The Walking Dead, including the staff wielding Morgan Jones, returns this Sunday, February 14th.