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Where Those Giant Car Commercial Bows Actually Come From

If you’ve ever seen a holiday car commercial, you’ve probably noticed the giant bows that companies will place on the cars to effectively wrap them up as a gift. I guess I always assumed someone near and dear to the production was responsible for making those giant-ass bows, but I was very, very wrong. Instead, there’s a company called King Size Bows Inc. who is basically responsible for a slew of the bows that we see on TV. Yes, including all of the lovely ones that have appeared in Lexus commercials for the past eight years.

King Size Bows Inc. CEO Jan Kingaard recently came out of the woodworks to talk about her business. She actually says she is in the “joy business,” which is a super cute way of putting it. The most popular bow is the signature “Monarch” bow, and the CEO is recently showed Great Big Story how one is cut out and then folded.


The monarch is pretty cool, but if you like the bows in all of those Lexus commercials, you’ll have to purchase them from King Size Bows, Inc. Kingaard says the Lexus commercials use a multi-loop bow and that her company is the only one who produces those bows in the United States. They make paper bows, but the Lexus bows are also made of sumptuous fabrics and they’ve caught the eye of not just Lexus. You can find King Size’s product all over the country, often in car showrooms, including Mini, BMW and Ferrari dealerships. If you are really lucky, maybe you’ll even see one of the company’s bows that light up.


Kingaard really knows how to sell these bows, saying they are truly statement-making and that people put them up on their houses and their gates, as well. But if you’d like to see the bows that have gained the most prominence thanks to TV spots, you can check out one of the most memorable Lexus ads, below.

The California company is a mother-daughter business and it seems like its thriving. It’s always fascinating when people are able to take a pretty simple idea and then find a niche for it in the business world, and it seems like King Size Bows, Inc. is absolutely crushing. It makes sense, but on my own time, I don't think I would have ever even thought about this being a business model.

If you’d like to blow your own money on a large and expensive bow, you can check out more over at the company’s site. In addition, you can catch the full video about the bows on the next page.

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