Whitney has managed to inch its way closer to what almost looks like a full second season order, but it's not quite there - yet, anyway. The NBC comedy, which was nearly doomed to Friday nights along with Community for its second season, has been given an order for three more episodes, tacked onto its original 13-episode order for Season 2.

Deadline reported the good news for the multi-camera comedy, which airs on Wednesday nights. Whitney was originally picked up for a 13-episode second season. And then earlier this fall, NBC ordered an additional five scripts. This week comes word that the show will have at least three more episodes.

Right now, Whitney and Guys with Kids are the only two multi-camera comedies at the network, which is why it works out well that the two are paired up together on Wednesday nights. While neither show is exactly thriving in the ratings right now, it seems like NBC's confident enough to move forward with both. Whitney has its three additional episodes, and Guys with Kids, which received an order for an additional four episodes back in November.

Whitney debuted last fall and comes from comedian Whitney Cummings, who also stars alongside Chris D'Elia. The two play a couple happily living together who aren't interested in getting married. Ratings for the series have slipped down fairly steadily to somewhere in the ballpark of four million viewers per episode, which is actually about on par (a bit lower) with NBC's The Office these days, and significantly higher than Parks and Recreation, which brings in around 3-3.5 million viewers per episode. Of course, by comparison to the kinds of numbers CBS comedies bring in, those numbers aren't especially impressive. How I Met Your Mother's last new episode, for example, earned nearly 9 million viewers. So it's all relative. But this episode order is certainly good news for Whitney fans.

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