Why Legends Of Tomorrow's Latest Ending Is The Dumbest One Yet

Beware: spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow Episode 13, “Leviathan,” are ahead. Check out one of our other lovely articles if you don’t wish to have details of the show tossed right in front of you.

So, Legends of Tomorrow is quickly approaching the end of its freshman season, and, so far, we’ve seen a lot of cool action, questionable activities and bad decisions. But, tonight’s episode pulled out all the stops and gave us what has to have been the dumbest ending the show has brought to us yet. And that’s including the ending to last week’s episode, where, after spending all season tripping through time to catch Vandal Savage before he came into his full power in 2166, Rip decided to just go ahead and take the Legends to that exact time period. Ugh. OK, let’s get into this already.

After Rip and the gang successfully fought off The Pilgrim last week, he tells his crew that the only option left for stopping Vandal Savage is going to the time in the future when Savage killed his family. Sara, Snart, Rip and Rory hide among Savage’s assembled forces and listen as he gives a bullshit-filled speech about how cool and right they are for helping him subjugate the planet. As everyone leaves, Snart takes matters into his own hands by causing a distraction to try and separate Savage from his lieutenant, Cassandra, and personal guard. It almost works, but his forces overwhelm them and they have to fall back to the Waverider.

During the fight, we find out that Cassandra is wearing a bracelet that Kendra was wearing during her first death at his hands back in olden times Egypt. This means that the bracelet can, somehow, be used to really, truly actually kill Savage, so Snart and Rory are sent to retrieve the item. But, when Snart realizes that Cassandra knows who they are, he decides to take her captive instead.

Well, now they have the bracelet, but, as Sara points out, how do they turn it into a weapon? After looking through a box with Carter’s superhero costume in it, Kendra has a perfect idea. She has Rory melt the bracelet with his Heatwave gun, and then coats Carter’s mace with the metal. Cool! Now they can finish this Vandal Savage business once and for all, right? Right?

Uh…no. Not exactly. Here’s where that dumb ass ending comes in. Kendra gets suited up to take on the immortal bastard himself. Things go good for a while. Kendra flies in and carries Savage off to fight him alone, with her gilded mace in hand. She beats him down to the point where he’s actually weak and bleeding, but then a soldier gets in, and Kendra’s having a hard time fighting this one. She finally gets the better of him, which leads to his helmet flying off. Lo and behold, Savage’s soldier is the 2166 version of Carter.

Kendra rushes to Carter and demands to know what Savage did to him. Apparently, he was able to find Carter before his Hawkman memories had come back, and then brainwash him. Kendra grabs Savage and is about to finally kill him, when he begins to taunt her with the idea that only he can repair Carter’s mind. And, what does Kendra do? She makes the super dumb decision to spare Vandal Savage. I’m sorry. What? Legends of Tomorrow has had some dumb moments, but this is the dumbest so far.

After months of time traveling and two years spent trapped in the 1950s, Kendra could have ended all this with a few more mace blows to Savage’s head, and she couldn’t do it. For some reason, she seems to think that they will be able to force him to fix Carter, you know, with nothing to really hold over on him. I’m sure death isn’t a pleasant thought for Savage, but he’d probably rather die than give his eternal foes any bit of happiness. Now the team has him imprisoned on the ship, something that is sure to go wrong pretty fast, and make them all wish Kendra had been able to finish what she started in 2166.

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