Legends Of Tomorrow: What To Expect From Season 2, According To The Producer

The CW already had a solid comic lineup going in to the 2015 – 2016 TV season thanks to Arrow and The Flash, and new spinoff Legends of Tomorrow is exponentially expanding the universe with each episode. The first season was ordered for sixteen episodes of time travel shenanigans featuring some key characters of Flarrow fame. Now that Legends has officially been ordered for a second season, producer Marc Guggenheim has some Season 2 news, namely about key characters coming back. Here's what he had to say in a recent interview:

We’ve even talked about, depending on how long our second season is, maybe people come in for just a few episodes and we get different kinds of actors and stuff. The show is not going to have a brand new cast next year. The poster is going to look fundamentally the same… [Still] with empty chairs come possibilities.

Marc Guggenheim’s teases to IGN at the recent WonderCon convention are interesting, given the format of Legends of Tomorrow. The ensemble structure is what has primarily set Legends apart from Arrow and Flash, and the departures of both Heatwave and Hawkman without changing too much about the show proves that heroes can lift in and lift out fairly easily. Throw in the rumor that the series was destined for rotating casts each season, and the news about Season 2 sticking with many of the Season 1 characters may change a lot of expectations for what’s ahead. Guggenheim’s hint about people coming in for a few episodes here and there may mean that other filming commitments might not take certain actors totally off the table, however.

Judging by what else Marc Guggenheim had to say, there are plenty of directions the series is already considering for Season 2, including a plotline involving Barry Allen.

You have all these ideas and then you reach the certain point at the end of the season where it’s like, 'I didn’t have time to tell that story, I didn’t have time to tell that story.' That’s why it’s wonderful to have another season. We still have a great Barry Allen time travel story to tell so at the very least hopefully we’ll get the chance to do that next year.

Considering that Season 1 featured an episode that was basically an installment of Arrow airing on a Thursday, it’s only fitting that Marc Guggenheim has plans for the Flash to get some airtime on the spinoff, as well. The Flash did throw a wrench at top speed in its own time travel possibilities in the most recent episode with the introduction of time wraiths, so perhaps future time travel for Barry Allen will be best left to the show that’s actually about time travel.

Legends of Tomorrow still has eight episodes left in Season 1, so it’s too early for us to do too much guesswork about what characters will be staying to tell the rest of their stories and which chairs will be vacated. To see what’s next for the crew of time travelers, tune in to The CW on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET. 

Laura Hurley
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