Why The Sons Of Anarchy Finale Might Be The Best Ever

Sons of Anarchy fans likely don’t need anyone stoking the flames of anticipation for the FX drama’s final episode ever - a three-word combo that makes me want to jab a carving fork into my skull - but there goes star Drea de Matteo, talking about the Sons of Anarchy series finale as if it’ll be the greatest thing ever. I’m too excited to get mad about having to wait another month.

For an interview with TV Line, de Matteo shared some high and mighty words about what audiences can look forward to from the series’ final three episodes.

I haven’t seen the episodes put together yet, and I haven’t fully read them, but the little bit I do know… it might be one of the best series finales of all time. The final episodes are fucking beautiful.”

Now, one could say, “If she hasn’t seen them or read them, how could she even say that?” But I prefer to think of it as, “The bit she does know is enough to floor her with such ferocity that it usurps everything else in TV history.” Granted, I have no idea what could happen that could provoke such feelings, but I certainly believe it to be possible. Last week’s episode was right up there with the best Kurt Sutter & Co. have ever delivered, and it’s only getting more unhinged from there.

De Matteo was one of the stars of The Sopranos, let us not forget. That series has one of the most polarizing finales of all time, though I think the actress is going to be the only similarity that the Sopranos and S.O.A. finales would share. There is going to be a blaze of glory happening in Charming, with bodies on bodies on bodies, assuming there’s anyone left beyond the graveyard workers by the finale. Am I alone in thinking someone should create a comic book series of Jax Teller in some kind of a battle against Tony Soprano?

When asked what her ideal conclusion for Wendy would be, de Matteo called back to Kurt Sutter’s answer on Conan the other night, in which he said the entire show is a dream.

"Kurt said on Conan that his dream ending would be for Jax to wake up from a dream and be driving his Vespa into a Starbucks. And my continuation is that Wendy would be the barista. And he asks her out on a date.”

Find out exactly how good this Sons of Anarchy series finale is when it airs on December 9. Of course, there are still two episodes between now and then, with the show taking a week off for Thanksgiving. That’s enough to make one want to shoot a turkey in the throat.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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