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These Touching Sons Of Anarchy Goodbye Photos Are A Must-See For Fans

2014 has been a fantastic year for television, but it’s all about the next five weeks for Sons of Anarchy fans, as the adrenaline-fueled biker drama will be coming to a close on December 9. Production on the series finale recently wrapped, and show creator Kurt Sutter has been posting quietly somber images to accompany the show’s impending conclusion, as if we needed more to get choked up about.

First up, a shot of Charlie “Jax” Hunnam and Tommy “Chibs” Flanagan.

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A prominent fixture of Instagram and Twitter, Sutter has often shared behind-the-scenes shots from the show’s production, but knowing that these are the last (current) ones we’ll ever see adds a sad note to it all that would even bum Happy out. Here’s the final image from the episode’s shoot, which was postponed temporarily so Sutter could have an emergency appendectomy. Hardcore living for him, through and through.

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Seriously, though, Sutter is just toying with our emotions with this one, posted after the finale was wrapped. I long for the days when Opie was still around to get pissy with Jax’s terrible decision making. Maybe actor Ryan Hurst will be in Sutter’s next project, The Bastard Executioner.

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Sutter isn’t the only one getting in on saying goodbye, though. Here’s a recent tweet from Kim Coates, who plays the maniacally hilarious Tig. Our lives surely can’t go on normally without Tig in them, right?

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That’s just depressing. And while Flanagan is busy posting phots and teasing fans with Chibs’ possible death by the series’ end, David “Happy” Labrava is already getting rid of shit. This would be the most amazing show prop ever.

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Sons of Anarchy’s cast and crew will no doubt be sharing even more candid photos and thoughts as the finale inches its way closer into our lives, and we can’t wait to get completely torn up over it. Fans will be able to soon get immersed in the show a little more with the post-episode series Anarchy Afterword, which will return on November 4, following Episode 9. As well, Sutter and some of the cast will appear on Conan on Tuesday, November 11.

What will you guys miss about Sons of Anarchy the most?

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