The search is on for the actress who could be the next small screen Wonder Woman. The CW’s project in development right now, Amazon is still working on a script, but they’ve also launched a casting search for the woman who will play the young Wonder Woman in the origin story.

According to Deadline her name will be Iris. She has spent her life in a remote country, a soldier who spends her life on the battlefield and comes out of it fierce, tough, without a filter and ready to speak her mind. She’ll also find herself in awe of the things in the modern everyday world that we take for granted, such as skyscrapers, freeways, and of course the traffic that fills those freeways. She wants to both explore this new world as well as protect it.

Word is that the CW and Warner Bros. TV are seeking an actress in her early to mid-20s who is 5’8” or taller. Wonder Woman has been traditionally portrayed as a brunette so I would imagine that’s what they are seeking, although you never know with the CW.

Amazon comes from the origin story written by Allen Heinberg that looks at Wonder Woman’s life in the Amazon before she becomes a superhero. It’s similar to the Tarzan story in which a jungle woman adapts to life in the big city. The script is still in progress and the pilot hasn’t even been give the greenlight yet, but the star for a project like this is so important that it’s no surprise the hunt is already on.

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