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Wonder Woman Origin Story In Development For The CW

Growing up in the 80's, reruns of Wonder Woman put Lynda Carter high on the list of some of the coolest females on TV at the time (alongside Lindsay Wagner and She-Ra. Also Jo from The Facts of Life). NBC nearly brought Wonder Woman back last year, but David E. Kelley's pilot wasn't pick dup to series. The DC Comics character may be making her way back to television after all, this time around at the CW with an origin story.

According to Vulture, the project is being penned by Grey's Anatomy's Allan Heinberg and has been tentatively titled Amazon. The story would focus on Wonder Woman's earlier days, when she was just starting out as a super hero. The site draws a comparison to Smallville, which started out with Clark Kent in high school, back when he was just starting to discover his powers. Would the Wonder Woman origin story focus on her days as a warrior princess in the Amazon? I won't pretend to know much about the back-story of the DC Comics character, but that certainly would explain the title.

What was Wonder Woman like before she got her bracelets and crown? We may find out, but it's too soon to start shining up your cuffs. The project, which is a collaboration between Warner Bros. TV, DC Comics and the CW, is only in the script development phase, with no pilot order yet. On one hand, things didn't work out with Kelley's small screen adaptation of Wonder Woman, which starred Adrianne Palicki in the title role, so it may not be wise for people to get their hopes up about this one just yet. But on the other hand, the CW has had better luck with super-hero dramas than NBC (RIP The Cape, Heroes). Smallville ran for ten seasons, and the network has Arrow on the way, so maybe Amazon will work out.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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