A Million Little Things: What Maggie And Gary’s Setback Means For The Couple, According to Allison Miller

Maggie and Gary on A Million Little Things.
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Spoiler alert! This story contains spoilers for A Million Little Things’ Season 4 episode “60 Minutes.”

When Maggie and Gary realized they both still had feelings for each other, it didn’t take long for them to get super serious again and let each other (and all of us Millionaires) know that they’re in it for the long haul this time (sorry, Darcy fans). That doesn’t mean everything’s going to be smooth sailing for the A Million Little Things couple, though, and sure enough, they hit a speed bump in their plans to have a baby during the most recent episode. With only a few episodes left before what creator DJ Nash has teased is a huge cliffhanger season finale, Allison Miller talked about what lies ahead for her character and Gary.

“60 Minutes” opened with the couple being adorably optimistic about having conceived a baby. When the doctor told them Maggie was not pregnant, they decided to test Gary’s sperm. After a hilarious scene where Sophie unwittingly became involved in Gary’s rush to submit his “sample” to the lab, they got the rough news that the two-time cancer survivor had a low sperm count. Will this cause tension between the newly reunited couple? Allison Miller talked to TV Guide about their situation:

It's just another hurdle for these two and they've gotten really good at jumping over these hurdles together. It is a common situation for people. You think that having a baby is the easiest thing in the world because in high school they tell you that you will immediately get pregnant. As an adult, you start to realize that it's much more challenging than that, especially for two people who have been through treatment for cancer. There's a whole other layer there. They are in for another difficult ride, but hopefully, it won't be as hard as they are anticipating.

Allison Miller, who also made her directorial debut in “60 Minutes,” made it sound like there was definitely still hope for Maggie and Gary to conceive a child. Compared to what they’ve been through, this definitely seems like a battle they can weather together. Gary’s history with cancer is likely a factor, but I’m sticking with the actress in hoping this won’t be a long-term problem. 

Possibly a bigger question is if we will get a solution before the end of Season 4. With only three episodes remaining in the season — and no official word on a Season 5 renewal — it’s possible we might get an answer sooner than later. Although ABC hasn’t announced if they plan to renew or cancel the drama, the show has historically been a hit in the Live+7 ratings, and DJ Nash said he had been in direct conversations with people at the network who encouraged him to continue with his cliffhanger ending rather than try to tie up the series. 

All the drama returns next week. A Million Little Things will air at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday, May 4, on ABC. With so many shows wrapping up their seasons, be sure you don’t miss any episodes by checking out our spring finale schedule. You can also start planning what shows to watch next with our 2022 TV Schedule.

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